The following is a list of items published in the local and national press, TV, radio etc.




25-Feb-2014 SWEP All aboard the Copper Jack as River Tawe Cruises set to get new vessel for Easter
29-Aug-2013 SWEP Cruising
23-June-2013 SCBT SCBT Newsletter: June 2013
5-May-2013 SCBT SCBT Newsletter: May 2013
1-Apr-2013 SCBT SCBT Newsletter: April 2013
20-Dec-2011 SWEP Pupils sail back in time on boat trip
18-Dec-2011 C&CS Black Prince taking tours up the historic Tawe
17-Dec-2011 SWEP High hopes over Tawe tour launch
5-Dec-2011 SWEP Setting sail on new era in boat’s history
1-Dec-2011 SWEP All aboard to sail into city’s past
14-Nov-2011 SWEP Now… and then
1-Nov-2011 SWEP Barge almost ready to set sail for tours
21-Jun-2011 SWEP All shipshape for visitors
19-Feb-2011 SWEP All aboard to toast boat scheme funds
30-Dec-2010 SWEP On board for river revamp
20-Dec-2010 SWEP It’s no plain sailing – but teachning duo’s boat dream is afloat
10-Dec-2010 SWEP It’s plain sailing for boat trip bid
28-Oct-2010 SWEP River tours step closer as trust launches plans
25-Oct-2010 SWEP Funds appeal to get trust’s heritage boat afloat on Tawe
17-Sep-2010 SWEP Princely sum for Tawe boat
1-Sep-2010 SWEP Donation to float the boat
19-Apr-2010 SWEP Historic copperworks pictures snapped up for heritage trail
20-Nov-2008 SWEP Trail brings rich heritage back to life

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