Call for Volunteers

A message from Mark Whalley, Secretary, Swansea Community Boat Trust.

As many of you are well aware, Swansea’s Community Boat “The Black Prince” is currently moored alongside the National Waterfront Museum’s Historic Vessels pontoon, and is being prepared to enter operational service as soon as possible.

Since the arrival of The Black Prince into Swansea just before Christmas last year, over the past few months, we have been holding a number of open-days and Members’ meetings and generally trying to make individuals and organisations aware of the existence of the Community Boat. Although we have received tremendous support for the Community Boat over the years, we still need to continue that support in order to bring the project to fruition.

Following our last Members’ meeting, I have been working on a project list/plan – a list which now stands at 83 tasks!

Rather than overwhelm you with the fine details of this list, we are now seeking volunteers who would be willing and able to give us some of their time.

From looking at the list of tasks, we have divided them into the following main categories:

  • Skippers / Crew / On-board “helpers”
  • Administration (Finance/Accounting, Bookings, membership, HR, Insurance etc)
  • Maintenance / DIY
  • Publicity / Marketing
  • Catering

If you are able to help us in one (or more) of these areas, and would like more details, please do not hesitate in contacting me (details below). When contacting me, I would be grateful if you could indicate what areas you are able to help us with, any experience you may already have, your availability and obviously your contact details.

Regardless of whether you can commit to 1 hour per month or 1 day per week, every little helps.

Once I have received offers of help / details of volunteers, I will arrange a series of workshops to discuss how we can make best use of these.

As we are continually striving to increase our membership and awareness of the Community Boat, I would encourage you to please pass this email on to your friends and colleagues. The more people who are aware of the Community Boat the better!

I know that many of you have kindly taken out Membership of the Community Boat Trust. For those who are not currently members, we would welcome you “on-board”, for which I would encourage you to print and complete the membership form and either return it to Dr Sandy Johns, Membership Secretary (details on the form) or to me at 156 Pennard Drive, Southgate, Swansea, SA3 2DR. With Individual Membership costing approximately 2p per day (£8/yr), which when we reclaim the GiftAid of £2.24, will continue to provide much needed funding to complete the work required to get the boat operational. In addition to welcoming new Members, we would also welcome any one-off donations and/or debenture loans in support of Community Boat.

Although we welcome new Members, donations etc, please do not feel obliged to do so – giving your time and commitment to the Community Boat is just as important!

Once again, on behalf of the Community Boat Trust, I would like to thank you for your continued support, and would welcome any questions or comments you may have.

Mark Whalley, Secretary


1 thought on “Call for Volunteers

  1. malcolm taylor

    Hi I have been looking at the black prince web site and see that you need volenteers I am recently retired and would like to offer myself as a volenteer I could commit myself to one day a week at the moment . I was a time served instrument engineer until 1983 when we moved to Tenby and went into the catering trade owning a couple of hotels then prior to retirement a tearoom. I would be willing to volenteer as crew/ deck hand and maintenance/diy. I hope the above potted history is of use to you and look forward to hearing from you .

    yours Malcolm Taylor


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